How We Met:
Our Beginning ...
  What we have is a result of the Internet. From a chatroom on MSN (#30s1) to be exact. Go ahead
.... Laugh and say "OhMyGawd No Way!" .... I sure as hell did. I've never believed in net romances.
From my first day on the net I've done nothing but make fun of those poor saps that fell into one.
Give me a break! Love over a computer? hahaha NO WAY!

   First there was me (Dawncee) - loud, obnoxious, crude, and insulting anyone that got in my way.
I figured why the hell be in a chatroom to begin with if you aren't gonna type?! And type I did. I put
my two cents into any conversation that I saw fit, whether it involved me or not. Somehow I ended
up in the middle of most of the 'chatroom Jr. High bullshit fights'.  And Gawd help the moron that
pulled me into a private whisper box. I would copy their entire private conversation and paste it out
in the open where everyone could see the foolish mistake they had just made by trusting me.
   Then there was Marco (Marco34) - quiet, polite, never said anything unless he was asked a
direct question, stayed out of every single fight there was, and always sat in the background
playing his music. He seemed to communicate his thoughts on whatever was going on with a song
rather than words. Yet for as little as he actually spoke, he was always in chat, quietly watching
   Even the colors we typed with were as different as could be. I of course used the loudest one I
could find, bright red, while Marco chose to use a soft shade of green. We sound like a perfect
match so far don't we?
   I suppose his quiet nature is what saved him from my evil words ever being directed towards him.
Hmmm now that I think about it, it couldn't have been that, because I would make fun of people that
never spoke too. Oh well, whatever the reason, Marco and I never spoke. A friendly "hiya or hello"
when one of us would enter the room would be about the extent of our conversations. It continued
like this for about 4 months.
   Then one day he played a song that I liked, one that I wanted. Since I had never spoken to him
before, and I knew he had watched how I treated everyone else, I figured that if I wanted this song,
I better start kissin' some ass!!  So I very politely said something like, "Oh Marco .... could you
purty purty please send me that song? Plzzzzz?" He said, "no problem" and sent it to me. Of course
the inevitable 'thank you - your welcome' followed. The ice had been broken. So from that point on,
any time I liked a song that he played, I simply asked and he sent it. Still no conversations between
us, but also no insults, which is a good thing. To me he was just the nice, quiet guy that sent me
music. This meant he was put on my 'auto-protect' list. (If I saw anyone give him any kind of
trouble, I would very much enjoy giving it back to them, twice as hard) But like I said, he was polite
to everyone, so I never got to be mean to anyone on his behalf. Bummer.  
   Now one thing that I do remember very clearly is the first time Marco made me laugh. I thought
to myself "Hey, this guy is cool!"  He entered the room and as normal was met with about 10-15
hellos from people. Someone asked him how he was doing, to which he responded, "I just got home
from fixing the fucking phones so the fucking people could fucking chat on their fucking
computers." WHOA! He was real after all! From that day on, I didn't just see him as the quiet guy
who played music. He had a temper and a mouth, and WoooHooo a potty mouth to boot! In my book
this quiet MusicMan now had potential as a productive chatter.
   Eventually my mouth (or fingers as it may be) got me into trouble and I was kicked out and
banned from our chatroom. Go figure! This was the first of many bans that I would receive. But in
all fairness, it was not just me. I was close with another chatter, of whom I will simply say, is the
ultimate reason for never believing anything anyone tells you over the net. Enough said. Anyway,
he and I were both banished from #30s1, so we opened a new room. However, we needed people to
come play in our room with us. We started inviting people from #30s1 and Marco was one of the
people that came. Maybe it was because it was in a smaller room (only about 10 people rather than
about 30) or maybe it was because all of the people we invited were regulars that he knew for a
while. Whatever the reason, Mr. Quiet Marco finally opened up and let loose. OhMyGawd he was
funny as hell! I just about wet my pants from laughing so hard. One of the nicknames that he used
was "PopeSmokesDope" - talk about balls! It eventually got down to where it was just the 3 of us in
the room, and we stayed for a long time just laughing and having fun. We even managed to get
Marco to insult other people! Yay!
    This particular banishment lasted about 3 days. So each day the 3 of us would meet in the new
temporary room and just chat away. When we were finally allowed back into the old room, whether
Marco liked it or not, he was now involved with all of our conversations. Well, all but the fights, he
still stayed out of those. One thing that did happen during these few days was that Marco finally (as
I found out later) got up enough courage to private whisper me in the chatroom for the first time.
And no, I did not paste his conversation for all to see. I instead talked with him privately as I talked
with everyone else out in the open room.
 Over the next month I was banned from the room multiple times, all of which we would go make a
new temporary room where Marco would join us. It was during this time that I learned that Marco
was from Holland. Damn, I'm always the last to know everything! I guess I just assumed he was from
the States. Anyway, it's also when I found out about our 7-hour time difference. Yikes! He had been
getting up really early each day before leaving for work so that he could chat. Which now made
sense why he was only in there late at night during the week, yet there almost all weekend long. We
had fun playing together in chat and decided to add each other to our IM. I thought that was cool,
because now we could talk to each other when he got home from work, while I was at work. But, this
meant I actually had to have conversations with some guy that I really hadn't ever talked to before -
only played with in a chatroom. I just figured, oh well, there is always the 'block button' if it's
uncomfortable. But, it never was.
 I can't speak for Marco, but I always had a wonderful time talking with him while I worked. It
made the day go by so fast. We never really talked about anything personal, just chitchat kind of
stuff. Yet we somehow managed to fill about 5 hours a day together. About a month later, that all
 Remember the person I said I was close to earlier? Don't feel bad if you forgot, I wish every day
that I could forget. Anyway, he somehow managed to blow up his computer and was off-line for
about 8 days. During this time, Marco and I spent hours upon hours just talking to each other. I
wouldn't even go into the #30s1 chatroom. I would either just stay on IM with him or we would make
a private room just for us so we could play music. After a week of basically talking to nobody else
but him, I found him to be a sincerely sweet, straightforward person.
 That Sunday was Mother's Day. We spent the entire day & night talking. (my time: from about 9am
- 10pm) This was also the first time we talked on the phone. It gave us a break from staring at the
computer screen for so many hours. 0o0o0o he had a sexy accent! Ok back to what I was saying. It
was Mother's Day. My first Mother's Day without my Grandma and I was having a hard time
dealing with it. Marco had lost his Mother about 6 years prior, so it was a difficult time for him as
 The span of emotions that went through me that day was incredible. We talked, laughed, cried,
comforted each other, and overall just had an awesome day. We talked about everything. Our
childhood, our families, our jobs, our friends, our hobbies, our interests, our likes, our dislikes,
everything that we could possibly think of, we talked about. He told me about some of his childhood
pranks. One of them was taking a mouse with him to the clothes store when his mother would make
him go with her. He would throw it into the dressing room so he could see the ladies in their bras
run out screaming! Another was putting a small firecracker into the end of a cigarette that he gave
to a retarded man that always asked for a cigarette. Then watched it blow up in his face when he lit
it. And as Marco stood there looking at the man, with a smoke covered face and a blown up
cigarette hanging out of his mouth, how his mother came out of the house yelling, "Marco!" then
'kicked him many times'! hahaha Another thing he told me was that he had been watching me in the
chatroom for a long time. That he had wanted to whisper me many times, but was afraid I would
make fun of him. And how when he finally did whisper me, he was scared to death of what my
reaction would be. Awww, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he told me this. (I believe I
laughed though)
 By the time we said our good-byes that night there was more than friendship growing. But me
being the untrusting, cold-hearted bitch that I am, would not allow it to happen, much less admit it.
Plus, there was this small matter of the 'other person' I mentioned earlier. You know, that lying
For the next 3 months Marco and I grew closer. We talked on the computer and on the phone all
the time. But now, in 2 weeks he was leaving for a holiday in Ireland and would be gone for 6
weeks. What was I supposed to do for 6 weeks? The thought of it bummed me out. The next few days
seemed to happen in a giant blur. The 'other person' had pretty much pissed me off & I was not
happy at the thought of not talking to Marco for 6 weeks. He and I discussed it, and decided that it
would be great if I could meet him in Ireland for the last 2 weeks of his holiday. Three days later I
had the plane ticket in my hand.
 Now, to make a decision like that - to go halfway across the world, meet someone (alone) that I
had never met before, to be in a strange country while doing it, and to spend an unGawdly amount
of money to do so - well, it's just plain insane! But, I had reasons for doing so. The first and main
reason (which I eventually did tell Marco about a few days before I left to fly home) was sort of a
"you pissed me off, so the hell with you, I'm gonna go meet Marco" to the 'other person'. The
second reason was because this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to go overseas.
(something that I've insisted I would never do) The third reason was because the money I would be
spending to go, was money I inherited from my Grandmother, who would love for me to go see
Ireland. (her maiden name was McHugh - so you do the math) And finally, the fourth reason was to
meet this man that had come to mean so much to me.
 The one thing that I insisted on before ever going was that we make a pact. This was going to be a
one-shot deal. No strings, no attachments, nothing. Whatever happened while I was there would be
left there as I got on the plane to come home. It HAD to be that way because we lived 4000 miles
apart. We agreed, he left for his holiday, and 4 weeks later, we met for the very first time.