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Florida 3/05
2) 3/05-6/05
3) 8/05-10/05
4) 10/05
5) 10/05
6) 12/05
We all loaded into the van & went to Florida to visit Oma, Opa, Aunt Cathi & Uncle
Steve (3 adults, 3 teenagers, & 2 carseats holding a toddler and an baby - FUN!)
Various pics: St Pats Day, water play, a pic of the "Carmody girls" with all of
their kids, and a few pics of what happens with 2 young children, a bottle of
baby powder, and a daddy that fell asleep!
Various pics: swimming in the backyard, childrens zoo, Tony's 1st bday
Various pics: playing around, Vinny's 2nd bday
Halloween (Marco is Captain Feathersword from The Wiggles)
Various pics & Christmas