Brian recorded everything on his digital camera then
put it together on this site ...You can see the entire
wedding week if you would like.
(I don't believe this link works anymore - so one day I
will sit and put all of our pics on this page)
Afterwards in front of the arch where the ceremony took place.
Dawn being walked down the
plank (how appropriate haha) by
Tic tac anyone?? Just kidding!!
Our first dance as Mr & Mrs Koning. (The lovely
headwear is the flag from Marco's hometown)
Yes damnit, I wore tennis shoes under my dress. Comfort
is everything!! It's the Holland flag and the American flag.
A Few Wedding Pics:
Apparently the above explanation of why the 'wedding week pictures' are no
longer here was not clear enough for the simple-minded. So, I will try to
explain a little better:
1. My friend took all of the photos
2. He saved them all to his personal server
3. The link above went straight to his server, not my computer
4. Something happened and the link no longer works
5. Since none of the pictures were saved on my computer, I have no access to
any of them
6. If I did have them, they would have been posted
7. So to sum it up; the MASTER did not 'wipe clean' all of the photos.

Hopefully this is now clear, and very sad that I actually had to post this in
reference to one particular crybaby
that said we erased all of the photos of his
. And don't flatter yourself too much - I just needed to be sure that anyone
you told your little story to (otherwise known as a lie) now understands the
actual truth.